Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution: The Perennial Winner!

It surprises when you observe how a tryout aiming to help deliver better customer service evolves into a force people are terrified to let go of.

But then that’s what the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution and all of its upgraded avatars have been. So dependent have companies become on this cracker of an enterprise resource planning solution that the more they praise it, the lesser it seems.

Here’s why.

It offers powerful capabilities such as sales force automation, flexible architecture and marketing and customer service modules. It has a very comfortable and intuitive look and feel about it. It accounts for streamlined communication. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions ensures that Microsoft Outlook becomes the unified platform through which managing customer information, e-mail messaging and calendar scheduling become easiest. It has a very familiar and intuitive user interface.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP

The core aspects of a business namely Sales, Marketing and Service have specific modules designed for them in the software. The enterprise resource planning solutions offers point and click customizations. Then there is workflow automation, which ensures business processes get streamlined. Precious time is saved this way. MS Dynamics CRM helps leverage existing technology investments. It can be deployed fast and also stands for low cost support. The software facilitates simpler and faster connectivity with legacy systems and external data sources.

Right from the time it came first to its latest edition which is the Dynamics CRM 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always been the go-to software as far as companies are concerned which wish to go the distance while serving their customers.

To summarize what has been mentioned above, it would be safest to say that the Dynamics CRM is an outright winner!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Behold! The Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Businesses Presents Its All New Avatar In 2016!

Small and mid-segment businesses have had the time of their lives operating and making money what with Microsoft Dynamics Navision by their side. A premier ERP exclusively for companies belonging to these segments, the software offers a wide variety of capabilities to help them perform better and achieve their maximum potential.

Highly adaptable, built with the best there is in technology and one that automates and streamlines businesses, Microsoft Dynamics Navision is all set to assume its newest avatar with the launch of the 2016 version.

Set up and Administration are crucial aspects of business and Microsoft Dynamics Navision Best ERP Software promises more with its 2016 upgrade. Small businesses owe it to their success when it comes to entering the correct setup values. Top Microsoft Dynamics Partner such as Dynamics Square are always there to setup the Data Exchange Framework to enable you and your team to import and export data in both bank and payroll files. The Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Businesses helps manage database synchronization of both job and email queues, setting up of users, customizing the interface and managing encryption keys.

Version 2016 of Microsoft Dynamics Navision Best ERP Software will help small businesses accomplish many things.


These will be defining new companies, adding users and managing permissions and access to data, configuring the user interface for multiple users by customizing the interface for a profile that the users assigned to, encrypting data on the server by generating new or importing existent encryption keys, supporting setup decisions with recommendations for selected fields which render the software inefficient, exposing pages and queries as web services, setting up an SMTP server to enable e-mail communication in and out of the software etc.

Keep tracking more developments on the enterprise resource planning solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade!