Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint Offers Exciting Functionalities

Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint is indeed a very exciting solution. It has many exciting features to offer and rewards end users with umpteen benefits. Primarily promoted and sold as a document management and storage system, the Microsoft SharePoint Solution is highly configurable and is a system whose usage varies depending on the size of the organization. It is implemented best by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner offering unconditional Microsoft Dynamics Support after the go live stage.

1. The infrastructure of Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint has been built so, considering what cloud has to offer. Microsoft SharePoint Solution 2016 offers tailor deployments ensuring one’s business needs are fully met.

2. Organizations get to take faster decisions and be more effective. When customized to convenience by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner offering Microsoft Dynamics Support post go live, SharePoint helps access information even when one is on the go by accounting for touch based experiences across a variety of devices. SharePoint makes file storage and document collaboration people centric and offers improved access to content, people and applications.

3. The solution is totally people-centric in the sense that features and capabilities in it help keep sensitive information safe and also empower the organization using it to give access to this critical data to people who matter at the most appropriate time. It ensures that neither the data gets lost nor does the end user get overexposed to information, something which might have legal and compliance implications.

There is SharePoint online as well, which delivers powerful features without levying any burden on the end user in terms of infrastructure management. This helps you meet whatever compliance requirements arise. Besides, you also get access to Exchange, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Web App and Office Clients.

These make SharePoint a truly great application to work on and companies already using it can be asked for feedback in order to decide confidently.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Manage General Ledger

An enterprise resource planning solution with a proven record is always a safe choice to manage something as important as the General Ledger of a company. This is what the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is, a proven solution that companies into Finance trust with regards to helping centralize the company’s accounting information, posting specifications and other core data efficiently.

Also famous as one of the Best ERP Software for Small Business enterprises, NAV helps achieve a lot of things as far as General Ledger Management is concerned. After having the module customized by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, companies will be able to:

1. Work effectively with lesser effort in a multiple-user environment
2. Explore the most recent and up-to-date financial data
3. Work accordingly as per situation, whether amounts should be shown per day, week, month, quarter or year

As far as Financial Management is concerned, MS Dynamics NAV helps:

1. Discover opportunities and motivate employees in order to learn and do more
2. Spot trends and gain insights into whatever business activities are being initiated
3. Capitalize on one’s existing knowledge of how business works. The premier ERP Software for Small Business enterprises helps do this by helping discover opportunities which are otherwise hard to identify.

As far as Inter company Postings are concerned, the enterprise resource planning solution helps create all necessary documents which include the likes of sales documents, purchase documents and general ledger entries to accommodate the entire workflow of inter company transactions between two companies within the same group, both controlled by the same legal entity.

All of this is possible if the concerned company consults a Microsoft Dynamics Nav Partner and has the General Ledger module customized to perfection.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Offers Machine Learning Capabilities

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions have included Azure Machine Learning as a capability in its latest avatar. The latest upgrade also offers better transition across various apps such as emails, Excel and OneDrive for Business.

The nearest Microsoft CRM Partner can be contacted for a MS Dynamics Demo in order to understand the capability in detail. Just for the record, the concerned company’s contracted partner will also be responsible for providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support post customization and go-live.

What can companies achieve by using Azure Machine Learning offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions?

Dynamics CRM azure Machine Learning

1. Azure has been included to provide analytics-driven intelligence.
2. It will serve as a knowledge management system so that businesses can record and access data whenever they have to resolve issues.
3. The Machine Learning Technology connects effortlessly to the business process in order to retrieve data recorded during customer-employee interactions.
4. Machine Learning helps identify patterns so that employees get to learn from consistent problems and make improvements as time passes.

In case your business can benefit from any of these advantages provided by Machine Learning listed above, you should contact your nearest Microsoft CRM Partner for an immediate Microsoft Dynamics Demo of the software so that you can see it for yourself as to what holds in store. The good thing is, once the implementation is over you will also be entitled to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support. This, is an added incentive.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Productivity Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 And Service Pack 1

Both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 have impressive Productivity features to offer. These truly make MS Dynamics CRM the most suitable CRM for Small Business enterprises and just for the record if companies suspect this information to be hot air, they can always schedule a Microsoft Dynamics Demo with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Australia and see for themselves as to what is there in the offering.

What are these productivity features in the Microsoft CRM System version 2016 Update 1 and Service Pack 1 that have companies gushing?

1. Tailored In-App for CRM Online Users: Learning Path is a feature that helps go through every important task step-by-step and also provides eBooks, videos and relevant Help topics when needed most.

2. One of the finest as far as features are concerned in MS Dynamics CRM 2016 Service Pack 1 and Update 1 is, better collaboration with Office 365 Group Enhancements. Before these two releases, users would create new groups for every CRM record they wanted to collaborate on. From now on, they can simply set and connect an existing group to different records. All team members of a particular project automatically get added to that project’s group and whenever a particular group gets deleted, end users get to know about the same immediately so that the record at once be connected to another group.

3. Microsoft CRM System 2016 Update 1 and Service Pack 1 allow end users to add email signatures to their web client email. This helps save time on email correspondence as well as add a professional touch through an email signature. Users can maintain a default signature for everyday replies as well as for new email messages besides maintaining totally distinct ones for special cases. A default signature can be assigned to a queue and once the ‘From’ field is changed from user to queue, the default signature too changes automatically.

4. The most popular CRM for Small Business enterprises version 2016 Update 1 and Service Pack 1 enables the display of multi-entity search results as a single list. End users get to search for records across multiple entities through Relevance Search and the results from this, are returned in a single list relevantly sorted.

5. Multi-Entity Quick Find is known as Categorized Search in 2016 Update 1 and Service Pack 1. This helps view results grouped by entity types like accounts, contacts and leads. End users interested in finding records of one record type only can use this feature from the entity list grid.

Companies skeptical about the efficacy of these features can schedule a Microsoft Dynamics Demo, as mentioned earlier, with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Australia.