Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Social Media Analysis With Microsoft CRM Application

Social media has become indispensable in our lives and is very instrumental as far as connecting with others is concerned apart from other things such as shopping, praising, and even complaining. Businesses have realized this and are integrating their software with popular social media tools so that whenever customers ask about their latest offering, they always have an answer ready as they know about the latest that trends in popular social media.

More importantly, it is consumers too who are equally active on social media and have their own discussions, debates and threads going on regarding new product launches. If something is liked, it is discussed fast. If something is not, it is immediately pulled down and a hate campaign spreads within no time.

In the midst of all this, there is the most popular customer relation management system companies cannot seem to do without. It is the Microsoft CRM System. A CRM Implementation of the same is done to serve customers better and companies with time have realized that this can be integrated with other third party applications as well.


Microsoft Social Listening is one of them. Organizations after plenty of trial and error have found out that this powerful media analysis tool can be integrated with the most widely used CRM for Small Business. For this, they know they will be requiring the services of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner offering Microsoft Dynamics Support post go live.

First, why is the integration necessary? It is necessary because it helps know what customers think of the business, product, service and competition.

Secondly, after getting it done, what does it help achieve accomplish? Integrating Microsoft Social Listening with MS Dynamics CRM helps:

1. Monitor social media posts, hashtags and keywords
2. Analyze the same and understand the sentiment of customers and their intentions as far as buying is concerned
3. Engage them in innovative ways and ensuring they receive the bet customer service possible

By working on the Dynamics CRM integrated with Microsoft Social Listening, businesses will be able to identify potential new markets, threats arising from competition and business opportunities available to be taken. Besides, any kind of negative publicity can be doused off at the earliest.