Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The Intricacies of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based service provider that deals with wide range of office services. Previously known as Windows Azure, it provides services like computing, analysis, storing and networking. The users can easily pick up any of the services and run the existing applications of their choice.

The cloud service provider provides service in the following categories-

1. Compute

This particular service provides computing through virtual machines, batch processing, and remote application usability.

2. Web and mobile

The cloud service provider provides API management, notification, and reporting features. it also gives support to develop and deploy web applications on various devices.

3. Data storage

The Microsoft Azure helps in storing cloud data through Database services such as SQL and No SQL.

4. Analytics

The service is related to providing analytical data and storing of real-time data. It takes care of data warehousing, machine learning, and data lakes etc.

5. Networking

The Azure provides virtual networking, dedicated connections, load balancing, DNS hosting etc.

6. Media delivery

Along with media delivery, azure deals with the content delivery system as well. it includes on-demand media streaming, playback, and encoding.

Apart from the numerous categories which are subject to change from time to time, Azure also aids in business development.

Microsoft Azure role in Business development -  A Synopsys

1. Azure is fast across the board

Microsoft Azure is a fast-paced cloud system provider. A business depends on the speed of analytics and deployment of data. Azure provides a perfect solution with its fast-paced accessibility. The speed of deployment, operation, and scalability makes the provider one of the best match to developing business.

2. Increase business agility

The business develops faster when they use a cloud service provider. The cloud service helps the business to explore various data and information when they use this technology. The service also helps the businesses to measure the suitability of the information without investing in financial outlay. Simultaneously, it helps in faster improvement of business as well.

3. Security

With the help of Microsoft Azure, the users can easily access the Office platforms without depending on complex passwords. The Microsoft Azure Sign on helps to access the data with single password only. This enables in lesser risk of hacking and control on the information, location, and specific devices.

Microsoft Azure primarily uses pay as you go pricing model that charges based on usage. In other words, the users need to pay as they choose along with the features. However, it allows Azure users to use multiple services on a single device as well. This multiple service usage reduces the service charges and minimizes the cost.