Friday, 20 November 2015

Microsoft Dynamics Navision: Continued Success

The good thing about Microsoft products is that seldom do they fail to engage and most enjoy continued success for long periods. Whether it is the brand equity of the company that carries new launches on its shoulders or the product’s prowess itself, Microsoft launches are known to stand the test of time, scrutiny and quality.

MS Dynamics Navision is no different. Right from the time when it got launched first and all its updated versions over the years, the ERP software has justified all the hype around it and has proven Microsoft’s clout in the ERP business as well. This Microsoft ERP Software for Small Business and Mid-Segment Business has proven itself to be one of the best Enterprise Resource Planning System to have been made ever.

It has all bases covered. It helps make business easy with a single solution. Through Microsoft Dynamics Navision, companies can integrate and centrally save data related to finance, production, supply chain, marketing, sales, human resources, services and projects.

Productivity can be scaled up many a notches. With a similar user interface to that of Office and Outlook, employees have the time of their lives working on this Microsoft ERP Software for Small Business. More focus can be put on relevant tasks which helps improve productivity.

As one of the finest Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions, it lives up to its billing by helping professionals take better decisions pertaining to business. Employees can use the software to set their priorities right and have access to information which they often need during the course of work to take better decisions. This information includes a variety of reports that can be pulled out through various analysis tools the software comes built-in with.

Last and not the least, it offers one of the quickest implementations. You can configure it quickly, customize it according to your needs and fine tune the software to adapt to the changing needs of your business by further adding functionalities and online capabilities.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Microsoft Navision ERP Software for Small Business: Promising Steady Growth All Along

The biggest predicament small businesses get stuck with is choosing the perfect ERP. They fret choosing an ERP that might not be suitable to their business needs in the longer run. Operating with tight cash reserves, their intention is to make a one-time investment that delivers convincing returns.

And as statistics, feedback and records suggest, the Microsoft Navision ERP Software for Small Business might just be the one. Most small businesses which have used this are of one opinion. The software delivers and makes running a business easy.

The Dynamics Navision ERP is a complete solution for your small business. The moment you call in a Microsoft Dynamics Partner such as Dynamics Square to install the enterprise resource planning solutions for you, you start seeing results materialize. Within no time, the software helps you put together data, documents, services and applications in a meaningful manner. The fact that it can be installed on both cloud and on server makes the job easier for you. You can focus on enhancing sales, collaboration with customers and doing better at service.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia & Fiji

The Microsoft Navision is one off the best small business ERP, offers multiple capabilities in finance, accounts, supply chain, manufacturing, operations, marketing, sales, project management, business intelligence and reporting. For small businesses which start off with a few processes, this solution is ideal as one would have to hire fewer resources in managing it. This is because all these applications already come integrated within the software.

The Dynamics Navision is undoubtedly the finest enterprise resource planning system a small business could ask for and it is going to ensure that particular small business gets to demonstrate steady growth as time goes by and more projects begin coming in.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Choose Your Microsoft ERP Software Implementation Partner Wisely

Your technology partner has many similarities with your family doctor. Doctors are all with similar credentials, but the difference lies in the approach. You won’t get that feel-good factor with everyone.

You choose your family doctor based on good references, his success rate and one who is certain to provide good medical advice.

Similarly, you choose your enterprise resource planning solutions partner based on certain criteria. Given below are 7 simple steps and following them is going to ensure you have the right Microsoft ERP Software Implementation partner consulting you.

Capable Partner: Microsoft conducts certification programs for companies vying for a partnership with it. Companies with such certifications demonstrate and make clear their area of focus and expertise. You can check for such partners and see whether their competencies align with your business needs or not. Choose accordingly.
  • Industry Specific: Choose a partner with experience in your domain. That ensures a rapid successful implementation. Since he knows what you do, there won’t be much of thinking left to do.
  • Services: Does your company need those services? This is a decision that ought to be taken with clarity, especially when it concerns functional domains like post-implementation support, customization, user adoption and integration.
  • Client-centric: Good and trustworthy enterprise resource planning services partners are client-centric. The only thing that bothers them is whether the business of their client is performing well or not. They call, check for, confirm and never let go.
  • Active Participation: Do you have requisite infrastructure to handle training and user adoption? Or are you dependent on your Microsoft ERP Software Implementation partner? Find out and accordingly choose.
Microsoft Dynamics Navision
  • Pro-activeness: Is your partner transparent? Is he a frequent communicator? Does he believe in building trust? Does he foster honesty going forward? Or is he intermittent in his reaching out to you?

Microsoft Dynamics Partner like Dynamics Square have all the qualities as mentioned above. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Best CRM for Small Business

The praise is not hollow. It is backed by undeniable facts that tell you just how effective it has been over the years in making businesses competitive. And with all the wonders it has helped businesses accomplish, it is only appropriate that the MS Dynamics CRM deserves all the praise showered on it.

The software being spoken of here is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the Best Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions and CRM Solutions to have ever been made by the software giant.

For long, it has helped businesses achieve their sales and marketing objectives and also deliver exceptional customer service.

Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Fiji

The Best CRM for Small Business has been built piece-by-piece to assist marketing and sales professionals find the data they seek without burning valuable time. It has been designed to pull out customer records from archives and to retrieve files of any record type. Then there is the advanced search function along with filters as well, meant to enhance functionalities. The internal process automation feature helps businesses gain more flexibility. The feature enables groups to work in a cohesive manner so that important deadlines are met well in time.

One of the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions ever, the software has a guided sales process to help sales teams guide current and potential clients towards a desirable outcome. Further branching capabilities make it easy for businesses to set up flexible process flows.

The email editor helps assert greater control over messages and pre-designed templates allow for slight tweaks as well as crucial overhauls to go ahead smoothly. Drag-drop options weed out the need for a high-level design knowledge and the calculated fields feature allows those working on the tool to define calculated fields without the need to write accompanying code.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Microsoft ERP Software Implementation

Microsoft applications are fun to use. Interesting at the same time, some are easy to install where as some call for expert help. Microsoft Office is one of those application software which is highly easy to install. Microsoft Dynamics on the other hand, the company’s flagship ERP and CRM software suite, calls for the involvement of a Microsoft Dynamics Solution Provider thoroughly familiar with advanced Microsoft Technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics helps improve business processes and empowers customer engagement through real-time information and collaboration. The Dynamics ERP and CRM covers everything from supply chain to business intelligence and reporting, operations to finance and marketing and sales. Besides, it also facilitates integration with Yammer, Skype and Office to ensure you consistently get to connect with all teams.

Microsoft ERP Software Implementation requires that you consult with a Microsoft Dynamics Solution Provider. This way, you will have a party advising you with appropriate industry experience which knows how to tailor solutions to suit your business needs, which has requisite knowledge of the Microsoft technology platform and is capable of offering flexible deployment options both on cloud and on-premises.

Microsoft ERP Software Implementation with a Microsoft Gold Partner such as Dynamics Square will ensure you are suggested with a solution that suits your business ideally, you have the software fine-tuned to suit your business needs and all its features are explained properly to your workforce so that they have the time of their lives working on it serving your customers and delivering well.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is very highly rated all over the world and your experience is certainly going to become better when you consult with a company which partners Microsoft and is part of the global network of Microsoft Partners consulting on Microsoft Dynamics solutions.