Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Proves Quite A Handful In Manufacturing And Production

Managers and supervisors involved in manufacturing and production have to daily deal with multiple issues. They rue not having a software that helps manage everything from start to finish.

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta helps handle these. Built to help manage production in a ruthless demand-driven environment, it offers functionalities to managers that help view real-time work and keep a check on actual costs involved. Other things include helping avert possible delays, prevent cost overruns and streamline inventory depending on demand and forecast.

Being one of the premier Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta helps anticipate and reduce bottlenecks, firmly control every aspect of production, view processes fast, handle work as a whole and use drag-drop rescheduling to reduce delays. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP also facilitates access to deep insights across supply chain to fully optimize resources, reduce lead times and identify accurate delivery dates.

Companies tightening up production will find it easy with the Microsoft Dynamics Axapta to achieve their business goals. They will be able to define manufacturing resources, include people, tools and machines and subcontractors as well and allocate them subsequently to work center groups. The Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps control schedules through infinite capacity scheduling resulting in maximum flexibility.

Truly showing why it indeed is one of the most highly sought after Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta offers features for Production and Manufacturing such as Bill of Materials (BOMs), Tracking and Reporting, Forecast Scheduling, Master Planning, Order Management, Shop Floor Management, Routing Management, Job Monitoring, Cost Tracking and Product Builder.

Companies across Australia doing business on a huge scale can contact the nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia for installing the Dynamics AX.

The Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia will configure the software based on the details shared with it regarding the company’s business requirements.

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