Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Microsoft Axapta ERP

Microsoft Axapta ERP: Why It Counts Among Best ERP Ever

The reason why the Dynamics Axapta by Microsoft is assured of a place in the league of the Best ERP solutions ever is because of what it offers to businesses and how it has helped them over the years achieve what at one point in time was close to unachievable.

Designed especially for enterprise segment companies, Microsoft Axapta ERP offers diverse functionalities that help accomplish a variety of tasks ranging from streamlining processes to synchronizing communication across departments, automating mundane tasks to providing access to important information whenever the need arises.

Of all Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta holds special place because of its exclusivity and also the fact that it is best suited for companies from all industries and verticals.


For Manufacturing, Axapta offers the following capabilities:-

1. Master Planning: Businesses get to streamline their entire production process. All the data coming in from Trade, Logistics, Projects, Work Centers etc. helps cut down on costs related to inventory

2. Product Builder: This helps companies order, plan and produce customized products better. It also helps configure complex products over the internet

3. Production: Businesses get to increase production efficiency with real-time insights into the entire process. They get to handle better material flow, plan and execute routes, manage operations and make detailed schedules

Microsoft Business Solutions succeed because they offer to customers what customers ask of them. The Microsoft Axapta ERP offers the same in Project Management and Project Accounting.


1. Companies get to view a summary of the Project Budget created. They also get to compare it against funding and correct whatever they want to before submitting
2. They get to create and manage projects in the enterprise portal to enable remote access
3. They also get to make time sheet entries more effectively with advanced time entry capabilities
4. They get to allocate and post revenue based on internal sales prices, applicable for workers, categories and dimensions
5. They get to improve the management of complex portfolios of projects and next level optimization of resource schedules

The good thing about all Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta in particular is that they are always made with an eye kept on Sales & Marketing.

1. Marketing Automation – This feature helps out in campaign planning, execution and analysis
2. Sales Force Automation – This helps Sales & Marketing people undertake any kind of activity targeted at customers, prospects, suppliers and other business contacts
3. Sales Management – Sales & Marketing teams get to work better with their teams. They get to display sales data graphically

These and more make Axapta truly great. It indeed is one of the finest solutions in enterprise resource planning.

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