Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why Microsoft Dynamics Navision is an ERP for Everyone

MS Dynamics Navision is an ERP best suited for almost everyone. Fast, flexible, easy to work on and connect to are qualities that best define one of the finest Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Small Business enterprises. The reason NAV is generally preferred over others is because it covers almost all industries such as Finance, Budgeting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Project Management, Human Resources, Service, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence etc. It supports all kinds of legal regulations as well.

1. MS Dynamics Navision helps make a business more profitable. It helps respond faster to market demands and increase revenue. It helps save precious time, resources and reduce costs. It frees a business from recurring activities. Companies get to use advanced functionalities in the premier Microsoft Dynamics ERP Software for Small Business enterprises to analyze markets, customers, cost and several other aspects of their business.

2. Organizations get to manage change and growth with little effort. They get to successfully overcome challenges confronting them in their entrepreneurial journey. They get a competitive advantage over rivals. Whatever changes come along, they get to adjust to them with little fuss. With a growing business, a lot of variables are bound to come and go. NAV helps during this phase of transition as well.

3. All business related data can be stored at one place. NAV’s functionalities help cover 70 to 80% of all business needs. Being a multi-currency ERP solution, it empowers companies to do business across the globe. NAV is the most viable solution as far as standardizing and accelerating business processes are concerned. Business processes get unified and there is a higher degree of automation during implementation.

All these benefits and advantages make NAV an ERP for everyone.

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