Monday, 27 June 2016

Microsoft CRM Application for Insurance

Insurers and Insurance Brokerages have a lot on their plate as far as customers, claims, policy renewals and activity management is concerned. To manage all of these with ease, they need a solution that offers varied capabilities and accounts for Enterprise-level Scalability, Mobile Access, Outlook and Web.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM stands for all of this and more. The highly popular CRM System for Small Business promoters offers fine capabilities that help handle a variety of Insurance related tasks with ease and success.

The highly asked for Small Business CRM helps out with everything related to Sales Pipeline Management as far as New Policies are concerned.

1. Companies get to track the entire sales pipeline by producer and insurance carrier
2. They also get to monitor the win/loss ratio and develop skills to outdo competitors
3. The Microsoft CRM Application helps setup Sales Targets for producers and track the progress made against them

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers functionalities that help increase producer efficacy and agent productivity.

1. Insurance Process Managers can use the highly popular Small Business CRM to create activities for producers that make the sales process easy to understand
2. The versatile CRM System for Small Business promoters helps create automatic alerts for sales managers, so that they are able to manage tasks delegated to agents
3. The Microsoft CRM Application also helps generate quotes and responses to RFP with correct pricing policies in order to do well with new clients
4. Organizations involved in insurance get to up-sell and cross-sell other insurance products as well to existing clients
5. Insurance companies also get to formulate effective and highly target specific campaigns for various segments


Insurance Companies get to handle everything related to Life and Non-Life Insurance with relative ease.

1. They get to deliver good service for insurance policies issued for auto, theft, accident and health
2. They get to create policies from carriers through import and integration with carriers
3. They get to clearly view all the exclusions on policies, besides getting to record deductibles, premiums and coverage on policies
4. Another area where Insurance Companies excel at is policy renewal

Recording and Managing Claims is a very important part of Insurance. This is another area Insurance companies get to do well at with the help of this solution.

1. Insurance Companies get to record claims from customers, track a claim from the claims report and also check for the final status of the claim
2. They get to record payout dates of any payment made by the insurer
3. They at any point in time get to view claim history from their customer base

The Dynamics CRM by Microsoft through its Insurance capabilities helps create comprehensive reports.

1. These capabilities help Insurance companies modify existing dashboards and create newer ones
2. They also help export reports to Excel, Word and PDF
3. These help schedule reports in such a way that they are automatically e-mailed
4. The report wizard helps easily build reports, which further help have access to all kinds of data related to sales goals, targets for field agents, brokers and producers

MS Dynamics CRM has this to offer to Insurance Companies and Brokers. With everything mentioned above that the solution helps achieve as far as insurance is concerned, it sure is worthy to bet on.

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