Thursday, 2 June 2016

Microsoft CRM Is An Intelligent Solution

Microsoft CRM is an intelligent customer relationship management solution. That is the reason it has grown in stature as the most widely preferred Small Business CRM. Reason being, Microsoft has over the years modified it so well that it has grown from the simple customer relationship management solution it was introduced as to a fully-fledged software suite that offers a plethora of features to serve an entire list of customers, address their grievances and send them home happy after having delivered good service.

Its recent avatars, especially Microsoft CRM 2016 includes the Sales Analytics Power BI pack introduced categorically for Sales Managers to help them analyze Sales Performances, Pipelines and all Activities from Lead to Sale. The Power BI Service Manager pack also allows managers to analyze cases and team activities. It includes detailed metrics as far as handling time and service-level agreements are concerned.

Some of the other platform enhancements that have been included in the most popular and widely sought Small Business CRM include:

1. Azure Service Bus Integration Enhancements
2. Portal Framework to Support the Integration of ADX Studio Portals
3. Server-Side Synchronization

All of these actually make the software ‘intelligent’ helping end users work on it with far greater convenience. Besides, Microsoft has also added custom fields to it to ensure both account and contact records can be looked up to in custom fields.

Just for the record, it is important that organizations everywhere are aware of these features so that the same can be discussed during a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation.

By articulating all these clearly during a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation, you will ensure that the final product which is ready for use is one which is ‘intelligent’ in the real sense.

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