Tuesday, 7 June 2016

MS Dynamics AX for Balanced Scorecard

It may sound weird, but it is a fact that an ERP at times is also needed to identify an organization’s visions and strategies so that they can actually be translated into measurable objectives. Microsoft has included in MS Dynamics Axapta a separate section to address this issue and has named it as Balanced Scorecard. Balanced Scorecard in the Microsoft Axapta ERP Solution is on the Navigation Pane and provides functionalities that help organizations chalk out their vision and strategy which can practically be translated into measurable objectives.

Any company can contact its nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner to inquire further about the scope of this module.

The module offers tools that help manage:

1. Perspectives. Yes, these are very important with respect to the growth of the organization and it is imperative that these be gotten right. The 4 primary perspectives are Learning & Growth, Finance, Customers and Internal Business Processes. MS Dynamics Axapta helps harness their power and channel it such that the organization benefits from it in every way possible

2. Scorecards. These help provide the framework within which all the components that ought to be used to implement the strategy and measure its progress towards realization get assembled
AX for Balanced Scorecard

3. Objectives. This part in the Balanced Scorecard section of Microsoft Axapta ERP enables the end user to express key tasks, goals and achievements required in order to realize the strategy outlined in a scorecard. Objectives can be thought of in a way to translate a high-level strategy into low-level measurable goals

4. Measurements. Through this, progress can be measured real-time as far as objectives are concerned in a scorecard. They help specify and monitor crucial strategic contributors

5. Elements. These are a vital part of measurements and as it happens, help extract from the system values that measurements contribute toward their concerned objectives. These help monitor and extract date from specific fields and also help combine in a measurement formula that helps calculate the measurements’ current value

Australian and Fijian Companies can contact their nearest Microsoft Dynamics Partner in order to know more about Balanced Scorecard and how it can help them do better in business and achieve desirable business objectives.

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