Monday, 29 August 2016

Address Global Risk and Compliance with Microsoft Axapta

The Microsoft Axapta ERP is one of the most widely tried solutions across industries. With its wide array of functionalities, companies have been able to achieve a lot of things that otherwise seemed difficult. MS Axapta has been that enterprise resource planning solution which companies have found most suitable to address all issues pertaining to Global Risk and Compliance.

When customized by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Fiji, organizations stand to gain the following as far as Compliance Management is concerned:

1. They get to improve internal controls and have increased visibility as far as compliance-related processes and activities are concerned.
2. The compliance management features in the Microsoft Axapta ERP help empower employees by giving to them control over business processes and corporate procedures.
3. Consistent actions can be carried out within the organization. Processes can be automated with the help of standard operating procedures to help focus on things most relevant to business.
4. A variety of compliance requirements and customer mandates can be met, that include legal, environmental and financial.
5. Businesses get transparency into corporate governance and compliance activities through the compliance center, a single location for policies and procedures, process documents, database logs, reports, charts and key risk indicators.
6. MS Axapta helps reduce manual processes impeding productivity besides streamlining standard methodologies for both risk and compliance processes.
7. The enterprise resource planning solution helps enforce standard operating procedures, improve compliance awareness and training, track and trace transactions, automate quality assurance and monitor data changes with alerts.

After having the solution comprehensively customized by a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Fiji for all of its Global Risk Management functionalities, organizations can:

1. Refine as well as define corporate policies and automate the auditing process through Audit Workbench.
2. Track energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to proactively monitor the company’s environmental impact.
3. Make best use of the environmental sustainability dashboard as well as associated data cube to keep away energy consumptions and carbon footprints and measure all KPIs as far as waste and water usage are concerned.
4. Take advantage of the graphical interface for easy setup to assess impact of proposed changes.
5. Ensure organizational compliance with laws, regulations, policies and business rules through compliance center enhancements that include internal control capabilities, new default controls library and new import and mapping wizard.

Businesses working on Microsoft AX can achieve all of this and more as far as Global Risk and Compliance is concerned.

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