Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Analytics and Reporting With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What is Analytics? What is Reporting?

Reporting is the process of organizing data into informational summaries in order to find out how different areas of a business tend to perform. Analysis is the process of exploring data and reports in a certain order so as to extract meaningful insights which can eventually be used to understand a business better and improve performance. Reporting translates raw facts and numbers into concrete data. Analysis transforms this data further into insights. Reporting helps monitor an online business and helps raise questions about the business from its end users. Analysis helps answer questions by interpreting that data at a deeper level and delivering appropriate recommendations. Reporting helps know ‘What Is Happening’ whereas Analysis focuses on ‘Why Did It Happen?’ and ‘What One Can Do About It’. Reporting focuses on activities such as building, configuring, consolidating, organizing, formatting and summarizing. Analysis focuses on tasks such as questioning, examining, interpreting, comparing and confirming.

The reason both are used so extensively by organizations across the world is because they are a great way of increasing sales and reducing costs. They create greater value for organizations.

Only can a successful ERP Software for Small Business enterprises help manage all tasks related to Analysis and Reporting with ease. This software has to be the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, an ERP which has on many occasions been rated as Best ERP Software and can only be implemented to perfection by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner.

The most preferred ERP Software for Small Business promoters, NAV helps gain business insights, take smarter and faster decisions and contributes in its own way as far as the growth of the organization is concerned.

1. The Advanced Windows Viewer functionality in the Best ERP Software accounts for easy analysis.
2. It also includes a report writer alongside a web interface.
3. It brings to the fore the possibility of simple data mining.
4. When customized to perfection by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, the Analytics and Reporting module will help analyze data from different application areas.
5. Businesses will be able to view data measures of their preferred choice across dimensional models. The data can then be viewed and analyzed on Excel by connecting it to the OLAP Cubes.

This is what the MS Dynamics NAV by Microsoft helps accomplish through its Analytics and Reporting functionalities.

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