Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions Offers Machine Learning Capabilities

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions have included Azure Machine Learning as a capability in its latest avatar. The latest upgrade also offers better transition across various apps such as emails, Excel and OneDrive for Business.

The nearest Microsoft CRM Partner can be contacted for a MS Dynamics Demo in order to understand the capability in detail. Just for the record, the concerned company’s contracted partner will also be responsible for providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support post customization and go-live.

What can companies achieve by using Azure Machine Learning offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions?

Dynamics CRM azure Machine Learning

1. Azure has been included to provide analytics-driven intelligence.
2. It will serve as a knowledge management system so that businesses can record and access data whenever they have to resolve issues.
3. The Machine Learning Technology connects effortlessly to the business process in order to retrieve data recorded during customer-employee interactions.
4. Machine Learning helps identify patterns so that employees get to learn from consistent problems and make improvements as time passes.

In case your business can benefit from any of these advantages provided by Machine Learning listed above, you should contact your nearest Microsoft CRM Partner for an immediate Microsoft Dynamics Demo of the software so that you can see it for yourself as to what holds in store. The good thing is, once the implementation is over you will also be entitled to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support. This, is an added incentive.

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