Monday, 19 September 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Manage General Ledger

An enterprise resource planning solution with a proven record is always a safe choice to manage something as important as the General Ledger of a company. This is what the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is, a proven solution that companies into Finance trust with regards to helping centralize the company’s accounting information, posting specifications and other core data efficiently.

Also famous as one of the Best ERP Software for Small Business enterprises, NAV helps achieve a lot of things as far as General Ledger Management is concerned. After having the module customized by a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, companies will be able to:

1. Work effectively with lesser effort in a multiple-user environment
2. Explore the most recent and up-to-date financial data
3. Work accordingly as per situation, whether amounts should be shown per day, week, month, quarter or year

As far as Financial Management is concerned, MS Dynamics NAV helps:

1. Discover opportunities and motivate employees in order to learn and do more
2. Spot trends and gain insights into whatever business activities are being initiated
3. Capitalize on one’s existing knowledge of how business works. The premier ERP Software for Small Business enterprises helps do this by helping discover opportunities which are otherwise hard to identify.

As far as Inter company Postings are concerned, the enterprise resource planning solution helps create all necessary documents which include the likes of sales documents, purchase documents and general ledger entries to accommodate the entire workflow of inter company transactions between two companies within the same group, both controlled by the same legal entity.

All of this is possible if the concerned company consults a Microsoft Dynamics Nav Partner and has the General Ledger module customized to perfection.

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