Tuesday, 20 December 2016

New Dashboard in the Latest Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade

The world is busy talking about everything it loves about the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade. The New Dashboard in it is a move of sorts made by Microsoft to revamp end user experience. What does it hold in store and why is it being praised so highly?

To begin with, workspace in the latest Microsoft Axapta upgrade is a blend of colorful tiles that make it easy for end users to view to-do tasks, urgent actions and other work-related activities. This latest feature in the most recent Microsoft Dynamics Axapta upgrade enables end users to share common tasks and activities with other end-users. The LCS Task Recorder is meant to facilitate recording and explaining tasks and keep others informed. Two distinct browsers can also be linked which enables users to collaborate side-by-side on a double screen. The move is an aim to empower the Production Planner and eliminate clicks.

The Dashboard in the recent MS Dynamics Axapta upgrade is a new navigation measure. It is the first page users get to look at. It contains tiles that display important information from the system. It has the content that was earlier displayed in Cues on Role Center pages in AX 2012. At any point of time, one can return to the dashboard by clicking on the Navigation Bar at the top of the Application Frame.

The Dashboard has a massive section of workspace tiles and might also feature a Getting Started Tool which may otherwise not be visible in the preceding screenshot. The workspace tile section in the dashboard is built from a menu structure with its root being in the NavPaneMenu menu. The menu has been modified through a set of menu extensions and these have one or more tile references corresponding to the tiles users get to see in that particular section.

The default dashboard contains:

1. Navigation Bar: This is at the top of the form and contains buttons that are Go to Dashboard, Navigation Search, Company Select, Show Messages, Help, Feedback and User.
2. Navigation Pane: This can be read about in detail here.
3. Workspaces: These are designed as the starting point for all the daily work done on the premier enterprise resource planning software. They are pages collecting all the information and functionalities necessary to perform specific tasks.
4. Calendar: This highlights the Session Date, used as default value for the posting date in the current session. The initial value for the session date is the current date. The calendar helps set it to a different date.
5. Work Items: These refer to the workflow management.

This was all about the New Dashboard is the most recent AX upgrade. Companies across Australia should get a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation done immediately if they are to enjoy working on it.

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