Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Editable Grids and Relevance Search Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365

You were introduced to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in an earlier post.

Now get introduced to Editable Grids and Relevance Search Enhancements in it.

The new Editable Grids offer various capabilities such as Inline Editing, Grouping, Filtering and Sorting of Columns. End Users can find them at the Entity Level, in a Dashboard and also in Sub-Grids inside a Form. Editable Grids are supported on forms in the Dynamics 365 Web Client, Dynamics 365 for Tablets and Dynamics 365 for Phones.

As far as dashboards are concerned, Grids are available in Dynamics 365 for Tablets and Dynamics 365 for Phones.

Some of the tasks that Editable Grids make possible are:

1. Editing rows with most Dynamics 365 field types
2. Grouping and Filtering on any and all columns falling in Current View
3. Sorting all sorts of Columns in the Grid
4. Moving, Adjusting and Paginating Columns in the Grid
5. Showing Lookup Values based on the Value of the Field of the Related Entity
6. Showing Calculated and Rollup Fields As Read-Only, alongside associated last Updated Date
7. Enabling and Disabling Fields based on Security Role
8. Exporting Editable Grids to Excel and Integrating with the Chart Panel
9. Toggling between a Read-Only Grid and Editable Grid
10. Saving the User State (Filters, Sorting and Adjusted Columns) within the Session
11. Using Business Rules and Complex Grid Logic based on Events, including Saving and Updating Records
12. Using Command Bar Actions and Buttons

These sure are set to increase curiosity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Services as end users will feel they will get to do more while attending to customers. If these Grids are anything to go by, then you can proceed to check Relevance Search Enhancements.

Relevance Search Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365 comprise the new Facet and Filter support, using which you can drill into as well as explore search results without the need to refine search terms repetitively. There are 4 global facets for Relevance Search, shown by default on the left side of the Relevance Search Results Page, mainly Record Type, Owner, Modified On and Created On fields sharing commonalities with almost all Dynamics 365 entities shown below:


Users selecting specific entities in the Record Type facet get to see a list of entity-specific facets, which they can choose from eventually. So if they happen to Select Account Entity, they will get to see additional information about the Account’s Annual Revenue, alongside the Industry they happen to be in and also the Primary Contact Information. Also, the Facet List is configured by an Administrator and in case you wish to view some other kind of information as well, you can contact your administrator for the same.

1. Documents attached with emails and appointments can now be searched in, besides those attached with a note
2. The Option Set and Lookup Fields are searchable as far as this release is concerned
3. There is added support for showing results for shared records

So this was about Editable Grids and Relevance Search Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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