Friday, 27 January 2017

Facebook Begins 2017 as Most Popular Mobile App

2016 was all about mobile apps being used to reach out to target audiences. Online businesses made full use of mobile application development services, whether it was Android App Development or iOS App Development. They realized well in time that with the number of smartphone and iPhone users increasing by the day, it was very important to have a mobile app on such mobile devices.

With so many apps being created and used, how is it possible to distinguish the best ones from the ordinary ones? There were plenty of them in use, ranging from situational to translation to currency conversion to travel apps and also email apps. As it happens, chances are yours too would have gone unnoticed with the world unloading all of its apps on the Apple App Store and Google App Store.

Which was the app which finished Numero Uno last year? Which one begins as the most loved and widely used amongst all smartphone apps in 2017?

If Nielsen is to believe, then that honor goes to Facebook without question or doubt. It sits comfortably at the top without its position being contested. As it happens, Facebook’s mobile app averages 146 million unique users every month and is on the rise as compared to the previous year by 14%. Facebook Messenger, its country cousin, takes second place. Messenger averages around 129 million unique users each month and rose by 28% as compared to the previous year.

The social network has been rising in popularity ever since the world saw it for the first time and has been very user-friendly just like NAV, premier mid-segment ERP which can be understood fully through a Microsoft Dynamics Demo scheduled with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Australia.

Other apps which took the remaining 8 spots in the Top 10 include Instagram, again being something owned by Facebook. Much to the dismay of hundreds of millions, Twitter failed to make the cut. Apple Music was there, averaging 68 million average unique users every month and so was Amazon’s shopping app. Spotify, surprisingly, did not list despite having a large user base.

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