Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Microsoft SharePoint App for Windows 10 Mobile Is All Set For Full Release

There is good news for users of the SharePoint Solution. The launch of the Official SharePoint App for Windows 10 Mobile has exited its Preview Version and will now have a Full Release on the Windows Store. It was in late September last month that the app was available for public preview. This allowed users of Microsoft SharePoint and Windows 10 Mobile to try it out early.

Given below is a list of everything that the Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint App helps do as far as the Windows 10 Mobile is concerned.

1. It helps sign in to SharePoint Online Sites. Businesses get to add multiple accounts and easily switch between them.

2. It helps quickly find sites. Businesses get to use the Sites tab to check out the sites they follow and visit frequently.
3. Users of the SharePoint Solution will find the app easy to use as all they have to do is tap on a team site and dive straight into it. They get to see site activity, navigate using familiar quick launch navigation, work with their lists and follow as well as share the site.

4. It helps check out recent as well as popular files. As far as team sites are concerned, users will get to view and share recent and popular files and also have complete access to their document libraries through the new integration with the OneDrive App. Users of the app will be able to edit files easily through Office Mobile Apps such as Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint.
5. The Links Tab in the app will be useful to find promoted links for the organization. These links are curated by the organization’s SharePoint Admin for all employees and facilitate access to those sites and organizational resources relevant to the business.
6. It facilitates enterprise search and results will be organized into sites, files and people.
7. It helps find employees of the concerned organization. To retrieve the contact card of a user, businesses have to simply tap on his name and will get to see who he works with and what he works on.

It must be known that only those businesses having subscribed to Office 365 with SharePoint Online will be able to use the app.

Businesses across Australia and New Zealand can contact their nearest MS Dynamics Partner Australia and Microsoft Dynamics Partner New Zealand for further inquiries.

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