Thursday, 26 October 2017

5 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics GP is Better than NetSuite

There was a time when Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software could only be used by large enterprises who had the capital and resources to deploy it on their premises. But with the rise of SaaS and subscription based OPEX ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Netsuite, small and medium businesses can jump on the wagon too.

Most SMEs seeking an ERP solution have a hard time choosing between these two particular options, but there are quite a few Dynamics GP features that give it the edge!

1. Different requirements, different deployment options

NetSuite offers only web-based solutions to its clients on a monthly subscription basis on per user basis. That works fine until the company wants to scale-up and take the control in its own hands with on-premise installation. In such cases, they’ll have to move to another platform and you already know how costly and time-consuming data migration is!

Dynamics GP offers users a choice between cloud-hosting (on Azure), on-premise hosting and even a hybrid of the two. The best part is, you can opt to change the hosting site anytime!

2. Seamless integration enhances productivity

Microsoft brings the versatility of its Office 365 software bundle with Dynamics GP too. The synergy of cloud-based ERP and powerful Office tools, which most employees are generally familiar which enhances the productivity of the business manifolds. And since the interface is common to the Windows user, the learning curve is quite gentle and requires zero to minimum training. Apart from the native Office apps, third-party app integration is possible too.

3. Power of true customization

The “one-size fits all” approach of NetSuite means that its users can’t get it to be modified easily as per their business’s requirements. On the other hand, Dynamics GP features a modular approach, which enables users to modify the software themselves without coding. If you want support for the customization, next point is for you.

4. Vast network of certified partners

Customization is at the core of Dynamics GP, and can be done by the users themselves. But, if you want the complete package to be modified as per your needs, simply consult a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner in your local area and get going!

5. Cost-effective

The MS Dynamics GP pricing is rather flexible and enables you to save substantial amount as compared to the rigid licensing scheme of Netsuite. You can provide different access rights to different users and save money on the lighter users. With customization, you can select which modules to use and pay only for them. And, finally, Office 365 programs mean that you save on other third-party apps for specific tasks.

Small and medium businesses can only start small and SaaS based ERP solutions have opened the gates to ERPs for them too. But those SMEs who have visions of scaling-up (all of you do!), go ahead with Dynamics GP.

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