Thursday, 2 November 2017

Reasons to Start Using SharePoint for Your Business

It’s hard to describe what SharePoint does in a single line but you can think of it as a Swiss army knife for all your business needs. SharePoint can be used for collaborative projects, document management, business intelligence, intranet, extranet, website content management and a lot more! Moreover, a Microsoft Dynamics SharePoint expert can be instrumental in customizing it specifically for your business.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using SharePoint.

1. Document management simplified

This platform allows you to store, retrieve, archive, track and easily manage all your documents and records in a single place on your server. And with OneDrive for Business, you can even store it in the cloud. It advance search options let you find a particular file quickly and the entire system helps in several compliances.

2. Enhanced accessibility

Looking for a file stored on your crashed computer can be tough. But it’s not a problem when all of your business documents are stored in the cloud. Simply access them through any web browser through Windows, Mac or Android devices. Or even better, use their app for it!

3. Team collaboration redefined

No need to use another fancy software for working on team projects and collaborative documents. Just create a team site on this groupware capable platform and smoothen your team’s efforts. MS Outlook and Project are a part of MS Dynamics SharePoint integration too!

4. Gentle learning curve

Most organizations utilize Microsoft Windows for their business needs. Since SharePoint has a similar user interface, using it comes naturally and intuitively for the employees. This saves the business a lot of time and money in special training of employees and can be adopted quickly.

5. Website content management in-built

Again, there is no need to use a separate content management system like WordPress or Joomla for managing your company’s website. SharePoint is more than capable of handling it for you.

6.    Bring all stakeholders on the same platform

Employees can access the stored information meant for them through intranet portal. Suppliers and supply-chain partners can access the same through extranet portal, and customers through the website. And all of that can be controlled from a centralized location. As easy as it should be!

7. Business Intelligence at your disposal

Easy data mining and report presentation to gain insights into your business processes

8. One tool to rule them all

As evident from all the above points, there is no need for separate tools for different processes. Save training time and money for buying and maintaining different tools.

9. Customize it to your specific business needs

Hire a Microsoft SharePoint expert to get a tailor-made suite for your company. SharePoint customization helps you to gain maximum mileage out of your platform.
Irrespective of the industry that your business belongs to, MS Dynamics SharePoint has the capability to improve business productivity and reduce costs. Don’t know where to start? Simply contact us and we’ll help you out!

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