Monday, 13 June 2016

MS Dynamics Axapta for Merchandise Management

Successful Merchandise Management is possible only through a tried and tested ERP Solution and MS Dynamics Axapta proves to be just that. One of the best ever Microsoft Business Solutions, AX helps manage various facets of Merchandise Management with effortlessness.

Some of these have been given below:

a). Catalog Management

1. MS Axapta enables creation and categorization of product catalogs, which can further be shared between channels
2. It further ensures that products can be enriched with descriptions, specifications, relationships, videos and rich text documents
3. It facilitates defining and management of mail-order catalogs including products associated with a particular catalog, pricing, call scripts and the ability to link a catalog with multiple targeted mailing lists
4. The ERP offers features that enable the end user to gain insights into promotional response rates by creating specific key codes or source codes, which can eventually be linked to the sale in order entry
5. There is workspace in the catalogue management module which helps get easy access to catalog dashboards and metrics, including a summary of active catalogs and catalog lifecycle tracking

b). Merchandising

1. Companies can work on Microsoft Dynamics Axapta to centrally manage their assortments which include creations, tracking and n-level deep item hierarchies. Flexible promotions enable them to optimize for profitability supporting options such as lick coupons and mix-n-match

c). Loyalty

1. MS Axapta offers capabilities that help configure and manage multiple loyalty programs including tiers, tier rules, dates, discounts, points accruals and redemptions etc. across multiple channels

d). Centralized Store Management

1. One of the finest ever Microsoft Business Solutions, AX offers functionalities for Centralized Store Management that include visual and functional profiles, user interface layouts, employee permissions etc.
2. Data replication on the ERP ensures critical updates across the organization including inventory and financial updates, sales order payments, gifts card usage and other updates to loyalty programs
3. Stores get to maintain entire staff related data at both regional as well as global levels. Besides, AX also enriches retail scenarios such as pricing, promotions, assortments and catalog

e). Store Operations

1. Companies or store owners/promoters get to optimize their store operations, track inventory real time, keep a healthy check on accounts receivable and maintain happy customers who keep returning because of loyalty
2. They also get to save precious time by maintaining labor records, track layaways, back orders, sales orders, quotes and much more
3. The channel operations workspace in the ERP helps track shift status for a store, manage point of sale permissions and have access to all related pages
4. The ERP offers workspace that enhances efficacy and productivity, allowing store associates to centrally manage tasks and actions

All of these mentioned above can be done on the Dynamics AX as far as Merchandise Management is concerned.

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