Friday, 16 March 2018

A Cursory Look Over Of Microsoft NAV 2018

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018
Microsoft NAV 2018 that was launched has been integrated with lots new features. It is the deeper integration of Microsoft NAV and dynamics 365 together. The Microsoft products are deeply integrated with NAV to create a better platform for the business environment.

Integrated with Microsoft products

The Microsoft NAV 2018 is an integrated platform with all the Microsoft products. It connects the business environment with Microsoft Dynamics 365 application, powerapps, Flow, office 365, Power BI and various third-party applications. It has been launched as a full software package for the benefits of small and medium scale businesses.

New financial accounting features

Whether it is an excel report such as balance sheets, profit, and loss, cash flows statements, draw balance sheets or anyother financial accounting reports, you can get everything on the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

The newly launched NAV also features general ledgers, employees’ ledgers, account payables, receivables and individual employee entry reports for the business development. The NAV 2018 has become a one-stop Accounting HUB that provides full information regarding the accounts.

New inventory features

Inventory management is something different from accounts management but has a big effect on the financial position of the business. The Microsoft NAV 2018 has surcharges based on the gross weight and volume of the item units. The internal workflow can also be managed by connecting the NAV 2018 with Microsoft flow. Organizations can use this feature to record the inflow and outflow of the inventories, stock management, quotes and orders using Microsoft Outlook as well.

Advanced algorithms amalgamate AI

The newest feature of Microsoft NAV 2018 includes Microsoft Cognitive services for advanced algorithms. These services allow the users to amalgamate artificial intelligence into the applications. It detects automatic facial, speech, language recognition in context to HR and automates procedures. It also recognizes products and categorizes them correctly. This feature simplifies the product management through automation.

Extensibility with extensions

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is a state of the art extensibility model which enables customization according to clients demand for business development. The setup and extension button is placed in one place to provide benefits to the business manager and accountant role centres.  With the new Dynamics NAV version, the developers get to learn new things by adopting new rules.

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